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  • This Website, “Projects Overview”
    This website is focused on the essential elements of the Transformed Universal Nazarene Faith (Christianity) from the cultural perspective of its historical Hebrew Roots. This website functions as a resource for lay Christian group leaders and other individuals who wish to pursue a deeper understanding of the Christian faith without sectarian institutions or following the ministries of men. To accomplish this the following sections are offered:

  • The Book, “Christian Essentials: A Survival Guide For The Followers Of Jesus”
    This book will present the essentials from the Scriptures and Hebrew culture that are necessary for the modern Christian to understand. A few basic facts about these topics should be part of every Christian's education. Associated essays and book sections will be available for free download on the Download page when they are available. Topically associated blog posts are at Straight Bible Dot Org. This book has been in a research and development stage for the last two years. It is currently being edited for organization and readability.

    The Christian Essentials book starts with the essential topics from the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) that pertain to the New Testament (New Covenant). It then proceeds to Jesus Christ presenting him in his Hebrew cultural context. Then the results and implications of Jesus' atoning work is presented for modern believers. The book also includes a section on the revealing of Jesus Christ in John's revelation from a Hebrew perspective. The last section is a short presentation of the practical walk of a modern believer following the Transformed Universal Faith of the original first century Nazarenes.
  • The Seminar, “Biblical Interpretation For All Of Us”
    This seminar is a Survival Guide For All Bible Readers. It teaches "How To Accurately Read The Bible". It is located at Straight Bible Dot Com. It will be a short seminar to guide the Bible student in the fundamental priciples of accurately reading the Christian Bible. The current state of the seminar is experimental and unfinished. The original premise was a series of rules to learn. However, this method is confusing and does not produce good results in a short time. This method will not be developed further.

    The next version of the seminar will start with the Basic Concepts, the broadest context of culture which places the biblical writers in their proper cultural context. Part of Basic Concepts is a few obvious considerations such as what the scriptures are good for and getting the biblical facts accurate ... not guessing at what the scriptures say. The seminar will show the Bible Reader how to apply some literature and grammar rules for accurate reading, rules common to reading any literature but often ignored in reading the Bible. There will be many examples of each of the guidelines offered. This approach should shorten the seminar and make remembering the principles easier. The seminar will finish with a section on HOW to be a modern day emissary for God using the power of holy spirit Jesus' atoning work provided for his children.
  • The Blog, “Thinking Out Loud About Christianity”
    This blog is written by the author of the book, “Christian Essentials: A Survival Guide For The Followers Of Jesus”. It can be found at Straight Bible Dot Org. The main theme of the blog is to instruct believers about the first century origins of the Christian faith and about the holy spirit power common in the first century but not so common today.

    The blog focuses on the Christian faith's Hebrew roots but from a Cultural Anthropology view. In other words, the Christian faith was originally rooted in the Hebrew Monotheism (not Judaism!) but since Pentecost, is not limited to that culture. At Pentecost the Judean followers of Jesus became the possessors of the Universal Nazarene Faith. Though universal it was still rooted in the Hebrew culture. Today, twenty centuries later, the Christian faith is still rooted in the Hebrew culture. The Universal Faith transcends all cultures by the holy spirit operation in every believer - Jew or non-Jew alike.

    Modern Christianity, if properly understood, would still carry the ancient Hebrew belief structure but translated into the language and culture of the local congregation without changing the faith's foundations. Insisting on any specific culture for the proper practice of the Christian faith is unbibical and an ungodly practice. However, it is this very practice (westernizing the natives) that accounts for 20th century missionaries being barred from working as missionaries in most countries. It is this same ungodly practice that "Judaizers" are demanding when they attempt to make Christian services look and sound like Jewish synagogues. The Christian faith is universal and transcends its original cultural base but should not deviate from its original concepts. [Blog updated August 2, 2012]

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