Study Books For Relearning the Christian Faith

No single book presents a complete picture of what a "Universal Transformed Nazarene Faith" would look like. Each author presented below has researched and written about different aspects of this faith from his own education and perspective. These authors variously use Cultural Anthropology, Linguistics, original historical sources and other disciplines come to their conclusions.

There are many useful books not listed on this page but these are perhaps the most useful and easiest to read. Listing these specific books is not an endorsement of everything each author presents. These books are NOT presentations of opinions nor attempts to answer questions about religious or social problems. They stick to their core topics from which you make your own determinations of proper faith and practice. Each one of us will be judged by our heart for God and what we did with the gifts Jesus Christ gave us to build up his body ... not if we missed some nuance of the apostle's doctrine or whose opinion we agreed with.

“A proper Hebrew Roots study will be heavily based in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament),
— This is your primary source of the ancient Hebrew worldview and belief structure.”

They Never Told Me THIS in Church - Greg Deuble. This book should be your first purchase. It is extremely well organized and fully documented. The author delves into the history of many common Christian beliefs and exposes their pagan origins. The book compares many of the Roman-Byzantine traditions against the earlier Hebrew concepts. Mr. Deuble is a Bible College trained pastor but currently earns a living in the medical field.
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When Jesus Became God - by Richard E. Rubenstein. Dr. Rubenstein is a Jewish professor of 'Conflict Resolution'. As a Jew and a disinterested party, he has no doctrinal ax to grind to slant his presentation of historical events. His interest is purely professional: How did the early Christian church resolved its internal conflicts? However, this book is an easy read, seeming more like a 'who-dunit' novel than an historial study. The author focuses on only two characters from the late 3rd and early 4th century religious wars who represent two opposing doctrinal views of the deity of Jesus: Arius and Athanasius. These two are mostly responsible for Constantine calling the bishops together in an ecumenical council in 325 CE to resolve the divisive fights in the church.
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The Hebrew Yeshua vs. The Greek Jesus - by Rabbi Nehemiah Gordon. Nehemiah is a Karaite Jew, meaning a Jew whose faith is goverened by the letter of the Torah (books of Moses) and not by any Pharisaic rules or commentary. Nehemiah was a translator for the English publication of the Dead Sea Scrolls and is an expert in manuscript translations. However, he was asked by a messianic friend to use his language and manuscript skills to resolve a textual problem in the gospel of Matthew. Nehemiah wrote up the saga of this exploration in this book. There is perhaps not other book I know which is so easy to read (less than 100 pages!) that presents Jesus calling Israel back to their roots in pure Torah Observance.
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The Cross & the Prodigal - by Kenneth E. Baily. Dr. Baily will immerse you into a Middle Eastern village and show you how the story of the prodigal son would have been perceived from the perspective of that culture. His insights will astound and amaze westerners at how little we understand about their way of life and the meaning of seeminly small social infractions. More than any other book, this one will awaken the Bible student to the need to understand the Hebrew way of life depicted in the Bible. Dr. Baily gained his insights by living among the nomadic peoples of the Middle East during his summers off from his professorship duties. Dr. Baily as also written books in Arabic for Middle Eastern Christians.
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The Bible and the Land - by Gary M. Burge. Dr. Burge is a professor of New Testament at Wheaton College. He is a widely-recognized expert in Jewish, Hellenistic and other cultures of the Middle East. This book shows the reader how the culture and language of the Hebrews was shaped by their wilderness lifestyle. This is attested to when Jeus left to spend 40 days in the wilderness immediatly following his baptism (ordination) to his ministry. His book is profusely illustrated with photographs relating to each topic he covers. The pictures are worth the price.
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2000 Years Of Charismatic Christianity - by Eddie L. Hyatt. This book is completely different from all those above. Many critics from the Roman-Byzantine tradition have criticized the Pentecostal movement for its perceived lack of historical foundation. However, pastor Hyatt documents that the evidences of the power of holy spirit have spontaneously arisen in many parts of Christendom and in all eras where men and women seek God and his power. He shows beyond doubt that the Pentecostal power of holy spirit has never died out nor should it have since the 1st century. I do not subscribe to Pentecostal beliefs (most of which are founded on experience much more than scripture) and I especially object to many of their practices. But that the Power of God is evident in the movement beyond question as evidenced in speaking in tongues, prophesy and healings.
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